Auto Body Shop Insurance Misconceptions

Auto Body Shop Insurance Misconceptions

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Your car insurance company can no longer appoint your vehicle auto body shop inspectors. In the past, they would appoint and send your info to claims adjusters. The position of the claims adjuster is to survey the damages and decide what bodyshop, is capable to carryout the repairs.

In performing this assessment, the claims adjuster would possibly create a initial estimate, as he or she will need it for the basis of determining if the car is repairable or a complete loss. The claims adjuster are trained to provide estimates and cost to restore damage, but they do not create a price range for the repair. The claims adjuster may also note any earlier damages and could discount the repair as a result if there have been any. The claims adjuster may even in a few cases act as a liaison between the auto body shop and the Insurance company for the duration of the repair.

The Insurance company will pick the path of least resistance and the least cost. Car Insurance Companies Do Not Warranty Auto Body Repairs, Auto Body Shops Do. This is the second assumption which most people fail to realize. Your insurance is not responsible to have your repairs assured or warrantied with the aid of the employer. The auto body shop who makes the repair, is the one who warranties the repair.

For example, If you go to your your insurance about paint peeling after the repairs have been made (within 12 months), they may tell you to visit the auto body shop and speak with them about the problem. It is the autobody shop quality assurance to restore the work as stated in writing. That is why it’s essential to choose auto body shops with a written repair warranty guaranteeing their work for upto a certain duration of time, once repairs are completed.